Joan Smith


Hi Everyone, This Is Joan Smith Coach-Shape-Shifters' I am Going To Share With You A little More About Me & My Background. I am An Ex MILITARY That Served, DEPLOYED In Both Afghanistan & Iraq For 4 Tours, A Health Life Coach, IFBB PRO Fitness Olympian Athlete, I am Very Known For Transforming My Body From all Different Sizes To Shapes While Narrowing My Waistline To almost Invisible With My secret Formula, A Fitness Influencer, Supporting & Empowering Women to live A Healthy Lifestyle Drug Free ALL NATURAL, Helping Women With The Stomach Bloating Issues,  Supporting Those Who Are Going Through Some Life Hardness, I Work With A Hundreds Of Beautiful Women In My Community From All Over The World, I Teach & Influence Women Self-Healing, Self Love, Self ACCEPTANCE, Self-Care, Self-Investment, How To Fall In Love With All Your Imperfections & Not To Need Anyone's APPROVAL or Validations To Be Happy Neither To Be Accepted, A Fitness Model, I am A Leader A Motivator, Nutrition Adviser Who Do Self Experiments On Food  How To Perfect Train A Female Body & Improve Your Original Shape Without Being On The DIET.
I lead & run Shape-Shifters Community. Which is focusing on Helping, Educating women with my Fitness & Nutrition Secrets how to live a healthy Lifestyle without Dieting.
I am a world class Olympian fitness athlete, Ifbb Pro.
IFBB PRO Who broke the Fitness Record when I got my Pro Card, got to Olympian stage in less than 3 months which was never heard of.
I Won & Dominated the IFBB ROCKIE OF THE YEAR where I Won My first Debut which was again never heard of coming from only three months training amateur  in total on my own.
I got Myself on THE BIG STAGE THE OLYMPIA where I was awarded the Rockie of the year for my outstanding Record, My Artistic work & my incomparable eye catching physique.
It takes years & years for great athlete to win a show, I mean big International shows But I dominate them no mercy.
This is every athlete's dream to get to the Olympia level but it only took me 3 months not 6 months not years to win & dominate the most famous IFFB Fitness Industry.
I am noted for my work, shape shifting ability, Body Modifications, Body Transformation, WeightLoss, Helping Women With Stomach Bloating Issues with no time.
I am also Fitness Model who has won awards around the globe for my fitness & physique accomplishments.
I Own & run Platinum Fitness Solutions, Miami Beach Body Fitness Tours,  Changing lives, Shape-Shifters
I oversees all aspects of the firms & work closely with each team member.


I am Ex Military, who represented the Military in multiple sports Internationally, Deployed in both Afghanistan and Iraq for extensive period.
During my military career I trained, moved troops on several tours of duty, including two tours in Afghanistan, two tours in Iraq. My leadership attention to detail & my genuine personality positive mindset friendly approach provides the unique leadership in all aspects.
I have served in high level leadership positions, both civilian & military, Other management experiences includes, Fitness, Nutrition, Security, Logistics, Setting up Company Branches in other Countries, Managing Big Projects, running companies.
I am also A Special-Ops, A Private International Executive Protection Bodyguard, Special Operations for Diplomats, VIP's, & Celebrities.


I am AN AMBASSADOR & A FUND RAISER OF MIAMI RESCUE MISSION (non-profit organization providing emergency services recovery programs transitional housing to men, women, & children in Miami).
Serving the homeless & needy of Miami by helping men, women, children with meals safe shelter life-changing residential programs employment housing resulting in transformed lives giving them hope which I am extremely passionate about, ending homelessness with God's Love & Care.
I am also a member of COVER GIRLS GROUP: Cover Girls are tremendous group of women who help single woman & women with children break the cycle of abuse, neglect, & homelessness.
COVER GIRLS are also mentors who volunteer their time talent skills abilities, & their treasure pledge of  dollars per month. This is all done in love to help women & children who have had some really hard knocks in life including abuse & homelessness.
The goal is to see those that are mentored become successful in life.
I have also volunteered working with multiple charity organizations overseas such as  USAID (United States Agency for International Development) working with kids in need. I have travelled around the world, during my time, I have learned to appreciate life & Highly appreciate our differences in all cultures only my gratitude to my God for such life gift.


Educate How to create a perfect body, small waist and say goodbye to Stomach Issues, Bloating & no more Weight loss fitness failures.
I Educate women how to care about their bodies, Learn self love, Self acceptance, Living their lives without needing anyone's approval, Helping women with their self confidence & self-esteem.
Teaching women how to maintain a positive mindset at all time in the most life time challenging situations, Shares my positive wisdom, I believe fitness Is Mind & Body Period.
Teaching women the success rules, principles to a healthy lifestyle & life in general.
Teaching women to understand the rules of your body your choice. I   take it very personal & very passionate about it.
Teaching women how to overcome their worst fear, Rejections, Heart-Breaks, Self hate, Self-Acceptance, Self-Care, Self-Investment & Start living their lives on their own terms & conditions WITHOUT needing anyones approval either validations from Toxic People.
Teaching women how to forgive themselves their enemies past doing, past History & start living their life all this through fitness well-being SHAPE-SHIFTERS Spirit.
Teaching women how to forgive themselves their enemies past doing, past History & start living their life all this through fitness well-being SHAPE-SHIFTERS Spirit.


My goal for so many years has been to help women just like myself to over come tons of things they face & faced that challenged and still challenges them mentally and physically through my fitness rehab shape shifters forever-fit no NO DIET MOVEMENT, My Goal is not only giving my ladies their dream body perfect body small waist but to also help them to understand fitness starts from mind and body second, help them heal, grow, forgive, forget, through my shape shifters movement.

To let them know that it’s ok to have feelings, it’s ok to cry, it’s ok to be emotional, it’s ok to end up in wrong place at wrong time but we learn from our mistakes,  failures and we BOUNCE BACK and we stay resilient, It’s ok to be rejected, it’s ok to have imperfection without self pity and turning ourselves into victims.

Teaching them self-love, self acceptance, self care, self discipline, self improvement, self commitment, to learn from their past and mistakes, teach them how to fall in love with their imperfections & how to live their lives without needing anyone's approval, how to live & adjust to healthy life-style without diet.

Let them know that their beautiful & what it means your body your choice while connecting them together with other beautiful women just like themselves all around the world, helping each other through everything through our accountability support community group sharing unconditional love,  give love,  receive love,  inspires and motivate others. Let them know they are not alone and their actions matter. My gratitude to my God for serving my community