My Training Approach


SHAPE-SHIFTERS- FITNESS REHAB: IS Designed & Created to Support Women from all over the world with their fitness & mental well-being that are going through or has been through some life hardness experiences, challenges & Struggles that I once faced in my life.

MY goal Is to grant all women both, their  complete package dream body they always wanted small waist,  get them in the best shape of their lives, get them light on their feet, & start creating a healthy toxic free mindset which I call a beautiful mind.

 Educating women how to beat their old bad habits & start creating healthy habits while upgrading both their self-confidence & Self-esteem.

Educating women self-care, self-love, self-acceptance, self-investment, while teaching them how to fall in love deeply with all their imperfections, & learn how to forgive & forget. I was once In their Feet & I know how its feels & like when you feel like its a dead-end & no one cares. I deeply care about each one of my girls & will do anything for each one of them.

 My Girls, Community are my number one priority nothing else matters & I am extremely very protective of my girls, community, & I am very Emotional about each Team member of my shape-shifter community If any does happen to any of them I go through it mentally.
  • I have A Secret; Unique Approach To Train A Female-Body. I disagree 100% with most of the unprofessional coaches I have seen and keep seeing destroying women’s bodies due to a lack of experience in training and understanding how to train a female body. And not to train the female body with the same concepts as male bodies also with the yoyo diets

  • Their way of training a female body is way off track I was once in the hands of these trainers and my body was completely destroyed. This is why I want to stop this happening and stop the frustration they create for you ladies. They train ladies like men or prepare you for a war, which over develop the body parts in all the wrong areas, making your waist strong but too wide. I am so sick and tired of seeing this; this is why I am changing it. No more diets, No big waistline, no more starvation, No more lies from these fitness pros and health industries

  • A female body is like a glass and should be handled with extra care. I am very proud to tell you and guarantee you I am one Coach in the millions that has the ability of understanding how to train a female body and to modify each body part, from size, shape, or Appearance, according to your desired shape while making your waistline smaller with my secrets tools. Which took me years to find and I spent thousands of dollars, did lots of self-experimenting in finding my formulas how to create a small waist perfect body. I am living proof of my work. You don’t have to do all that because I have already successfully done the work for you and will save you thousands of dollars from all the myth of how to get a small waist, get in shape, lose weight without starvation while giving you, your dream body for only $1 a day.

  • I am living proof of my work. Everything I am going to teach you ladies, I do as well this is how I have been so successful in my entire fitness career. It took me 3 months in total what takes fitness pros years and years of training and competing to get my Pro-Card to get to the big stage THE OLYMPIA, all achieved with my secret tools that I am going to share with you all. Some of you may not know much about my work, I am well known for shrinking the stomach to small waist, Full Body Manipulations, Changing Sizes, Shapes, Appearance without Dieting. I want to share my success with you ladies and I want to see you succeed